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Memory Lane

Joel James Live

Public Release: 1st March



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Memory Lane

ISRC: QZFZ32468377

Joel James Live, the ‘backwards-singing guy’ on social media who recently blew the minds of the audience on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, is set to play on heartstrings once again with his latest single, “Memory Lane”. This release comes on the heels of his meteoric rise from a social media sensation to an internationally recognised talent, all independently without the backing of a manager or label.

The song, reminiscent of the Beatles, reflects on the notion of a tree cut down, unbeknown to Joel, in his yard. The tree provided solace in times of creation and contemplation. The song on its surface is about the tree, yet is a metaphor for human kind and what it has become today.

At its core, the song serves as both a personal narrative and a universal inquiry into humanity’s role amidst a rapidly evolving world plagued by conflict, misinformation, and technological apprehension. As Joel James mourns the loss of this cherished tree and contemplates simpler times, listeners are prompted to reflect on their own agency with the poignant query, “what are we doing?”

Crafted with the acoustic warmth of guitar and piano, and the unique tones of a custom ‘home-made’ Rhodes, “Memory Lane” builds from dreamy, introspective verses into a powerful rock ballad chorus. Joel’s clear, emotive vocals invite listeners to delve deep into the song’s narrative, experiencing the weight of each sentence.

A testament to Joel’s unparalleled homegrown talent, this track not only showcases his prowess as a singer, songwriter, producer, and sound engineer but also his passion for storytelling through music. “Memory Lane” stands out as a testament to Joel’s ability to blend classic pop and rock charm with modern flair.

Prepare to walk down “Memory Lane” with Joel James – a song that embodies the spirit of classic storytelling with the freshness of Joel’s unique musical vision, making it a must-add to playlists dedicated to the art of musical storytelling.